§ 45.1-161.224

Permanent stoppings

A. Permanent stoppings shall be built and maintained:

1. Between intake and return air courses, except temporary controls may be used in rooms that are 600 feet or less from the centerline of the entry from which the room was developed. Unless otherwise approved by the Chief, these stoppings shall be maintained to and including the third connecting crosscut outby the working face.

2. To separate belt conveyor haulageways from return air courses except where belt entries are used as return air courses.

3. To separate the primary escapeway from belt and trolley haulage entries unless otherwise approved by the Chief.

4. In return air courses to direct air into adjacent worked-out areas.

B. Permanent stoppings shall be built of substantial, incombustible material such as concrete, concrete blocks, brick, tile, or other approved material; however, where physical conditions prohibit the use of such materials, timbers laid longitudinally “skin to skin” may be used.

C. The use of an air lock in the permanent intake stopping line near the section loading point shall be permitted to access the belt and transport supplies.

D. Stoppings shall be maintained to serve the purpose for which they were built and shall be reasonably air tight.


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