§ 45.1-161.231

Examination of mines for explosive gas and other hazardous conditions

A. Certified persons whose regular duties require them to inspect working places in any mine for hazardous conditions shall have in their possession, and shall use, when underground, a permissible methane detector or other permissible device capable of detecting methane and oxygen deficiency.

B. A sufficient number of permissible methane detectors or other permissible devices capable of detecting methane shall be kept at each mine inby the last open crosscut. All miners shall be trained in the operation of the device. Any miners working inby the last open crosscut shall be certified by the Board of Coal Mining Examiners to conduct gas testing. Methane detectors or indicators shall be maintained in permissible condition.

C. Methane detectors or indicators shall be calibrated at least monthly in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. A record of such calibration shall be made in a book for this purpose kept at a surface location at the mine and maintained for one year.


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