§ 45.1-161.235

Rock dusting

A. All underground areas of a mine, except those areas where the coal dust is too wet or too high in incombustible content to propagate an explosion, shall be rock dusted to within forty feet of all working faces, unless such areas are inaccessible or unsafe to enter or unless the Chief, or his authorized representative, permits an exception upon his finding that such exception will not pose a hazard to the miners. All crosscuts that are less than forty feet from working faces shall also be rock dusted.

B. All other areas of a mine shall be rock dusted if conditions are found to be so dusty as to constitute a hazard after proper inspection. Should such conditions be found to exist, the Chief, or his authorized representative, shall require the necessary rock dusting to make the areas of the mine safe.

C. Coal dust, including float coal dust deposited on rock-dusted surfaces, loose coal, and other combustible materials shall be cleaned up and not be permitted to accumulate excessively in active workings, or on electric equipment therein.


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