§ 45.1-161.25

Meetings of Board of Coal Mining Examiners; compensation

The Board of Coal Mining Examiners shall meet at least once a year and shall be called by the Chief to meet at such other times as he deems necessary. The Board shall meet at such place or places and at such times as may be designated by the Chief, and the Board shall remain in session until its work is completed; but no one session of the Board shall continue more than three days. Out of the Coal Mining Examiners’ Fund, there shall be paid to each member of the Board, except the Chief who shall serve without extra pay, reimbursement for expenses and compensation as is provided by § 2.2-2813.


Code 1950, § 45-26; 1954, c. 191; 1960, c. 61; 1966, c. 594, § 45.1-10; 1978, c. 120; 1980, c. 728; 1994, c. 28.


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