§ 45.1-161.259

Personal protection devices and practices

A. All persons at a surface coal mine shall wear the following protection in the specified conditions:

1. Hard hats in and around mines where falling objects may cause injury.

2. Hard-toed footwear in and around mines.

3. Safety goggles or shields where there is a hazard of flying material.

4. Protective shield or goggles when welding.

5. Snug-fitting clothes when working around moving parts or machinery.

6. Gloves where hands could be injured. Gauntlet cuffed gloves are prohibited around moving machinery.

B. Ear protection shall be supplied by the operator to all miners upon request.

C. Every person assigned to or performing duties at a surface mine work area shall wear reflective materials adequate to be visible from all sides. The reflective material shall be placed on hard hats and at least one other item of outer clothing such as belts, suspenders, jackets, coats, coveralls, shirts, pants, or vests.


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