§ 45.1-161.268

Haulage and mobile equipment; operating condition

A. All mobile equipment shall be maintained in a safe operating condition.

B. Positive-acting stopblocks shall be used where necessary to protect persons from danger of moving or runaway haulage equipment.

C. Where it is necessary for men to cross conveyors regularly, suitable crossing facilities shall be provided.

D. Persons shall not get on or off moving equipment.

E. When the equipment operator is present, persons shall notify him before getting on or off mobile equipment.

F. Mobile equipment shall not be left unattended unless brakes are set. Mobile equipment with wheels or tracks, when parked on a grade, shall either be blocked or turned into a bank unless the lowering of the bucket or blade to the ground will prevent movement.

G. Persons shall not work on or from a piece of mobile equipment in a raised position unless the equipment is specifically designed to lift persons.

H. Water, debris or spilled materials which may create hazards to moving equipment shall be removed.

I. Where seating facilities are provided on self-propelled mobile equipment, the operator shall be seated before such equipment is moved. No person shall be allowed to ride on top of self-propelled mobile equipment.

J. Operators of self-propelled haulage equipment shall sound a warning before starting such equipment and as approaching any place where persons are or are likely to be.

K. Each man-trip shall be under the charge of an authorized person, and operated independently.

L. Operator provided man-trips shall be maintained in safe operating condition, and enough of them shall be provided to prevent their being overloaded.

M. Employees shall not board or leave moving man-trips; they shall remain seated while in moving cars, and shall proceed in an orderly manner to and from man-trips.


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