§ 45.1-161.6

Department to serve as lead agency for inspections undertaken subsequent to the issuance of a permit

Following the issuance of any permit under Chapter 16 (§ 45.1-180 et seq.) or 19 (§ 45.1-226 et seq.) of this title, the Department shall serve as the lead agency for enforcement of the provisions of the permit. Any other agency which has reviewed and approved, or not disapproved, a permit application prior to its approval by the Director shall contact the Director or his designee prior to making any routine inspection. The Director or his designee shall then contact the permittee, if prior contact is to be made, to schedule the inspection and shall accompany any employee of any agency other than the Department during any inspection by such other agency. However, nothing in this section shall apply in the event of a blackwater discharge, a failure of waste treatment facilities, or other situation that in the judgment of the State Water Control Board requires an inspection on an emergency or expedited basis.


1984, c. 188, § 45.1-1.9; 1994, c. 28.


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