§ 45.1-179.2


The following terms used in this chapter have the meanings respectively ascribed thereto unless the context clearly requires otherwise:”Correlative rights” means the right of each geothermal owner in a geothermal system to produce without waste his just and equitable share of the geothermal resources in the geothermal system;”Geothermal energy” means the usable energy produced or which can be produced from geothermal resources;”Geothermal resource” means the natural heat of the earth and the energy in whatever form, present in, associated with, created by, or which may be extracted from, that natural heat, as determined by the rules and regulations of the Department;”Geothermal system” means any aquifer, pool, reservoir, or other geologic formation containing geothermal resources; and”Board” means the State Water Control Board.


1981, c. 506; 1984, c. 590.


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