§ 45.1-221.1


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Coal refuse” means waste material resulting from the mining and screening or processing of coal.”Coal slurry” means waste water and impurities produced as the result of coal washing and preparation for market, containing a combination of coal, shale, claystone, siltstone, sandstone, limestone, or related materials that are excavated, moved, and disposed of from underground workings.”Dam” means an artificial barrier or obstruction designed to impound water, coal slurry, or silt to an elevation of five feet or more above the upstream toe of the structure, and has a storage volume of 20 acre-feet or more, or is designed to impound water, coal slurry, or silt to an elevation of 20 feet or more measured at the open channel spillway or from the crest of the dam in a closed system, regardless of storage volume.”Impounding water” means to impound water that has been used in carrying out any part of the process necessary in the production or preparation of coal.”Operator” means any person who operates, controls, or supervises a water, coal slurry, or silt retaining dam or mine refuse pile impounding water.”Refuse pile” means a pile of coarse or fine coal refuse that is a result of the mining or screening process that may be stacked, spread, or graded, and covers a minimum of 20 acre-feet or more.”Silt” means fine particles resulting from a mining operation, suspended in or deposited by water.”Water” means liquid or slurry as a result of the processing of coal in mining operations.


2005, c. 3.


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