§ 45.1-361.18

Voluntary pooling of interests in drilling units; validity of unit agreements

A. When two or more separately owned tracts are embraced within a drilling unit, or when there are separately owned interests in all or a part of any such drilling unit, the gas or oil owners owning such interests may pool their interests for the development and operation of the drilling unit by voluntary agreement. Such agreements may be based on the exercise of pooling rights or rights to establish drilling units which are granted in any gas or oil lease.

B. No voluntary pooling agreement between or among gas or oil owners shall be held to violate the statutory or common law of the Commonwealth which prohibits monopolies or acts, arrangements, contracts, combinations or conspiracies in restraint of trade or commerce.


1982, c. 347, § 45.1-302; 1987, c. 452; 1989, c. 529; 1990, c. 92.


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