§ 45.1-361.38

Report of permitted activities and production required; contents

A. Each holder of a permit for gas or oil wells or gathering pipelines shall file monthly and annual reports of his activities as prescribed by the Director. These reports shall be for the purpose of obtaining information regarding the production and sale of gas and oil resources, as well as information concerning the ownership and control of permitted activities. Filing of these reports by a permittee shall be a condition of such permit. Every annual report filed by a permittee shall contain a certification that such permittee has paid all severance taxes levied under the provisions of §§ 58.1-3712, 58.1-3713, and 58.1-3741.

B. At the same time that a permittee files the monthly and annual reports as required by subsection A, the permittee shall send copies of the reports by mail to the commissioner of revenue of the political subdivision where the permitted wells are located.


1990, c. 92; 1992, c. 361; 2013, cc. 305, 618; 2016, c. 305.


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