§ 46.2-1089.1

Signs and markings on school buses using alternative fuels

The State Board of Education may provide by regulation for the display of appropriate signs or other markings on school buses using alternative fuels. Such signs or markings shall conspicuously identify the vehicle as an alternatively fueled vehicle and indicate the type of alternative fuel used. No such sign or marking shall be more than 4 3/4 inches long or more than 3 1/4 inches high.For the purposes of this section: (i) “alternative fuel” means a motor fuel used as an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel; (ii) alcohol/gasoline blended fuels which contain less than eighty-five percent ethanol or methanol shall not be considered alternative fuels; and (iii) dual-fuel and bi-fuel vehicles equipped to operate on both a conventional fuel and an alternative fuel shall be considered alternatively fueled vehicles.Signs and markings provided for under this section shall be in addition to other markings permitted or required by this title.


1993, c. 172.


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