§ 46.2-1099

Further exemptions

This article shall not apply to:The transporting of any child in a vehicle having an interior design which makes the use of such device impractical; orThe transporting of children by public transportation, bus, school bus, or farm vehicle.For the purposes of this section, “farm vehicle” means a vehicle which is either (i) exempt from registration pursuant to §§ 46.2-664, 46.2-665, 46.2-666, 46.2-667, 46.2-670, or § 46.2-672, (ii) registered as a farm vehicle pursuant to § 46.2-698, or (iii) owned by a resident of another state under whose laws the vehicle is either registered as a farm vehicle or exempt from registration by virtue of its use as a farm vehicle.


1982, c. 634, § 46.1-314.6; 1989, c. 727; 1992, cc. 119, 405; 1993, c. 181.


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