§ 46.2-1182.2

Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Fund established; use of moneys

A special nonreverting fund known as the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Fund is hereby established in the state treasury.Notwithstanding the provisions of § 2.2-1802, all moneys collected pursuant to § 46.2-1182.1 shall be paid into the treasury and credited to the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Fund.No moneys remaining in the Fund at the end of each fiscal year shall revert to the general fund, but shall remain in the Fund. Interest earned on such moneys shall remain in the Fund and be credited to it.The Department of Environmental Quality may release moneys from the Fund, on warrants issued by the State Comptroller, for covering the costs of the emissions inspection program, including payment to the program coordinator for contracted services. The moneys in this Fund may also be released for the purpose of long-term maintenance of air quality and the correction and prevention of nonattainment status for National Ambient Air Quality Standards through air quality programs under the direction of the Director. Any remaining funds shall be remitted for use in transportation maintenance projects so that such funds generated from localities required to have emissions inspections pursuant to subsection B of § 46.2-1178 shall have such remaining funds generated pursuant to § 46.2-1182.1 transferred on an annual basis to the Northern Virginia Transportation District. Such funds shall be used for transportation maintenance in the respective locality.


1993, cc. 995, 998; 1993, Sp. Sess., c. 2; 2012, cc. 216, 824.


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