§ 46.2-1243

Enforcement by private security guards in certain localities

The local governing bodies of Franklin County, Henry County, and the Cities of Danville and Martinsville may by ordinance provide that, in privately owned parking areas open to the public, a summons for violation of an ordinance promulgated under § 46.2-1242 may be issued by (i) private security guards licensed under the provisions of Article 4 (§ 9.1-138 et seq.) of Chapter 1 of Title 9.1 and deputized to issue a summons for the offense by the chief law-enforcement officer of the county or city in which the private parking area is located or (ii) any owner of the private parking area of a nursing home, as defined in § 32.1-123, or agent or employee thereof, provided that such owner has registered in writing on his own behalf or on behalf of his agent or employee with the chief law-enforcement officer of the locality his intention to issue summonses pursuant to this section.


1997, cc. 783, 904; 2002, c. 390.


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