§ 46.2-1256

Notice of convictions; revocation of disabled parking placards and license plates

A. Upon the entry of a conviction under §§ 46.2-1247 through 46.2-1253, or under any ordinance which incorporates any of those sections by reference, the court shall send notice of the conviction and the number of the license plate or placard involved to the Commissioner. Such notice may be transmitted by electronic means.

B. Upon receiving notice pursuant to subsection A of this section, the Commissioner may revoke any disabled parking license plate, DV disabled parking license plate, organizational, permanent, or temporary placard of an individual or organization found guilty under §§ 46.2-1247 through 46.2-1253 if he finds, after a hearing if requested by the person to whom the license plate or placard is issued, that such person (i) is not a person with a disability that limits or impairs his ability to walk and is not otherwise eligible to be issued a license plate or a placard pursuant to §§ 46.2-731, 46.2-739, or § 46.2-1241, or (ii) is authorized to have such license plate or placard but has allowed the abuse or misuse of the privilege granted thereby so that revocation appears appropriate to remedy the abuse or misuse.


1997, cc. 783, 904.


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