§ 46.2-1308

Disposition of fines in traffic cases; failure or neglect to comply with section

In counties, cities, and towns whose governing bodies adopt the ordinances authorized by §§ 46.2-1300 and 46.2-1304, all fines imposed for violations of such ordinances shall be paid into the county, city or town treasury. Fees shall be disposed of according to law.In all cases, however, in which the arrest is made or the summons is issued by an officer of the Department of State Police or of any other division of the state government, for violation of the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth, the person arrested or summoned shall be charged with and tried for a violation of some provision of this title and all fines and forfeitures collected upon convictions of any person so arrested or summoned shall be credited to the Literary Fund.Willful failure, refusal or neglect to comply with this provision shall constitute a Class 4 misdemeanor and may be grounds for removal of the guilty person from office. Charges for dereliction of the duties here imposed shall be tried by the circuit court of the jurisdiction served by the officer charged with the violation.


Code 1950, § 46-199; 1952, c. 251; 1958, c. 541, § 46.1-182; 1989, c. 727; 2012, c. 408.


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