§ 46.2-1519

License and registration fees; additional to other licenses and fees required by law

A. The fee for each license and registration year or part thereof shall be determined by the Board, subject to the following:

1. For motor vehicle dealers, not more than $ 300 for each principal place of business, plus not more than $ 40 for each supplemental license.

2. For motor vehicle salespersons, not more than $ 50.

3. For motor vehicle dealers licensed in other states, but not in the Commonwealth, who sell motor vehicles at wholesale auctions, not more than $ 100.

4. For manufactured home dealers, not more than $ 100.

5. For watercraft trailer dealers, not more than $ 100.The determination of fees by the Board under this subsection shall not be subject to the provisions of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.).

B. The licenses, registrations, and fees required by this chapter are in addition to licenses, taxes, and fees imposed by other provisions of law and nothing contained in this chapter shall exempt any person from any license, tax, or fee imposed by any other provision of law.

C. The fee for issuance to a nonprofit organization of a certificate pursuant to subsection B of § 46.2-1508.1 shall be $ 25 per year or any part thereof.

D. No nonprofit organization granted a certificate pursuant to subsection B of § 46.2-1508.1 shall, either orally or in writing, assign a value to any donated vehicle for the purpose of establishing tax deduction amounts on any federal or state income tax return.

E. The Board may authorize discounts and other incentives to encourage licensees to conduct transactions with the Board (i) by means of electronic technologies and (ii) for multi-year periods.

F. The fee for reprinting licenses, certificates, and registrations shall be $ 10 for each reprint.

G. The fee for reinstating a license, certificate, or registration that has been suspended shall be $ 50.

H. The fee for each license and registration year or part thereof for each motor vehicle manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, and distributor branch shall be $ 100 and shall be paid to the Department.


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