§ 46.2-1529

Dealer records

All dealer records regarding employees; lists of vehicles in inventory for sale, resale, or on consignment; vehicle purchases, sales, trades, and transfers of ownership; collections of taxes; titling, uninsured motor vehicle, and registration fees; odometer disclosure statements; records of permanent dealer registration plates assigned to the dealer and temporary transport plates and temporary certificates of registration; proof of safety inspections performed on vehicles sold at retail; and other records required by the Department or the Board shall be maintained on the premises of the licensed location. The Board may, on written request by a dealer, permit his records to be maintained at a location other than the premises of the licensed location for good cause shown. All dealer records shall be preserved in original form or in film, magnetic, or optical media, including microfilm, microfiche, or other electronic media, for a period of five years in a manner that permits systematic retrieval. Certain records may be maintained on a computerized record-keeping system with the prior approval of the Board.


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