§ 46.2-203.1

Provision of updated addresses by persons completing forms; acknowledgment of future receipt of official notices

Whenever any person completes a form for an application, certificate of title, registration card, license plate, driver’s license, and any other form requisite for the purpose of this title, or whenever any person is issued a summons for a violation of the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth, he shall provide his current address on the form or summons. By signing the form or summons, the person acknowledges that (i) the address is correct, (ii) any official notice, including an order of suspension, will be sent by prepaid first class mail to the address on the signed form with the most current date, and (iii) the notice shall be deemed to have been accepted by the person at that address. In addition, upon signing a summons for a violation of the motor vehicle laws, the person shall acknowledge that his failure to appear in court and pay fines and costs could result in suspension of his operator’s license.


1993, c. 24.


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