§ 46.2-341.11

Commercial drivers required to notify the Department of change of address

A. If any person who is licensed by the Department to drive a commercial motor vehicle changes the mailing or residential address he most recently submitted to the Department, such person shall notify the Department in writing within thirty days after his change of address. If the Department receives notification from the person or any court or law-enforcement agency that a person’s residential address has changed to a non-Virginia address, the Department shall (i) mail, by first-class mail, no later than three days after the notice of address change is received by the Department, notice to the person that his commercial driver’s license will be cancelled by the Department and (ii) cancel the commercial driver’s license thirty days after notice of cancellation has been mailed.

B. Any person who fails to notify the Department of his change of address in accord with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a traffic infraction.


1989, c. 705, § 46.1-372.11; 2002, cc. 767, 834.


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