§ 46.2-341.14:2

Requirements for third party examiners

A. Third party examiners may be certified to conduct skills tests on behalf of only one third party tester at any given time. If a third party examiner leaves the employ of a third party tester, he must be recertified in order to conduct skills tests on behalf of a new third party tester.

B. To qualify for certification as a third party examiner, an individual must:

1. Make application to the Department as provided in § 46.2-341.14:3 and pass the required nationwide criminal background check;

2. Be an employee of the third party tester;

3. Possess a valid Virginia commercial driver’s license with the classification and endorsements required for operation of the class and type of commercial motor vehicle used in skills tests conducted by the examiner;

4. Satisfactorily complete any third party examiner training course required by the Department;

5. Within three years prior to application, have had no driver’s license suspensions, revocations, or disqualifications;

6. At the time of application, have no more than six demerit points on his driving record and not be on probation under the Virginia Driver Improvement Program;

7. Within three years prior to application, have had no conviction for any offense listed in § 46.2-341.18 or 46.2-341.19, whether or not such offense was committed in a commercial motor vehicle;

8. If the examiner is employed by a school board, be certified by the Virginia Department of Education as a school bus training instructor;

9. Conduct skills tests on behalf of the third party tester in accordance with this article and in accordance with current instructions provided by the Department; and

10. Successfully complete a training course and examination every four years to maintain the commercial driver’s license test examiner certification.


2013, cc. 165, 582; 2014, cc. 77, 803.


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