§ 46.2-341.15

Commercial driver’s license and commercial learner’s permit document

A. The commercial driver’s license issued by the Department shall be identified as a Virginia commercial driver’s license and shall include at least the following:

1. Full name, a Virginia address, and signature of the licensee;

2. A photograph of the licensee;

3. A physical description of the licensee, including sex and height;

4. The licensee’s date of birth and license number that shall be assigned by the Department to the licensee and shall not be the same as the licensee’s Social Security number;

5. A designation of the class and type of commercial motor vehicle or vehicles which the licensee is authorized to drive, together with any restrictions; and

6. The date of license issuance and expiration.

B. The commercial learner’s permit shall be identified as such but shall in all other respects conform to subsection A of this section. A commercial learner’s permit shall also contain a statement that the permit is invalid unless accompanied by the underlying driver’s license.

C. A nondomiciled commercial driver’s license or a nondomiciled commercial learner’s permit shall contain the word “nondomiciled” on the face of the document.


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