§ 46.2-341.26:6

Transmission of blood samples

The blood sample withdrawn pursuant to § 46.2-341.26:5 shall be placed in vials provided or approved by the Department of Forensic Science. The vials shall be sealed by the person taking the sample or at his direction. The person who seals the vials shall complete the prenumbered certificate of blood withdrawal forms and attach one form to each vial. The completed withdrawal certificate for each vial shall show the name of the suspect, the name of the person taking the blood sample, the date and time the blood sample was taken and information identifying the arresting or accompanying officer. The vials shall be placed in a container provided by the Department, and the container shall be sealed to prevent tampering with the vials. A law-enforcement officer shall take possession of the container as soon as the vials are placed in such container and sealed, and shall promptly transport or mail the container to the Department.


1992, c. 830; 2003, cc. 933, 936; 2005, cc. 868, 881.


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