§ 46.2-355.1

Intervention required for certain offenders; fee; penalty; notice

A. Upon receiving notification of a second conviction entered on or after July 1, 1999, for driving while the offender’s license, permit or privilege to drive is suspended or revoked in violation of § 46.2-301, the Commissioner shall notify such person that he shall report to a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program within sixty days of the date of such notice for intervention. Intervention shall be in accordance with § 18.2-271.1. The program shall provide the Commissioner with information of the offender’s compliance.

B. An interview shall be conducted by a representative of a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. The representative shall review all applicable laws with the person attending the interview, provide guidance with respect to budgeting for payment of court fines and costs, if applicable, and explain the laws and the consequences of future offenses and may refer the person to any driver improvement clinic. A fee of thirty dollars shall be paid to the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program for attendance at a driver intervention interview. All fees collected by a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program shall be used to meet its expenses.

C. The Commissioner shall suspend the driving privilege of any person who fails to complete and pay the required fee for an intervention interview within the sixty-day period. The suspension shall continue until such time as the person has completed and paid for the intervention interview.

D. Notice to report for intervention shall be sent by the Department by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the driver at the last known address supplied by the driver and on file with the Department.

E. Failure of the offender to attend as required or failure of the Department to notify the offender upon the second offense shall not prevent conviction for any subsequent offense committed in violation of § 46.2-301.


1999, cc. 945, 987.


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