§ 46.2-382

Courts to keep full records of certain cases

Every general district court or circuit court or the clerk thereof shall keep a full record of every case in which:

1. A person is charged with (i) a violation of any law of the Commonwealth pertaining to the operator or operation of a motor vehicle; (ii) a violation of any ordinance of any county, city, or town pertaining to the operator or operation of any motor vehicles, except parking regulations; (iii) any theft of a motor vehicle or unauthorized use thereof or theft of any part attached to it; or (iv) a violation of § 18.2-36.2, subsection B of § 29.1-738, or § 29.1-738.02, 29.1-738.2, or 29.1-738.4;

2. A person is charged with manslaughter or any other felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle was used; or

3. There is rendered a judgment for damages, the rendering and nonpayment of which under the terms of this title require the Commissioner to suspend the driver’s license and registration in the name of the judgment debtor.


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