§ 46.2-427

When suspensions to remain effective; relief from furnishing proof of financial responsibility; prohibition against registration in name of another person

The suspension required by the provisions of § 46.2-417 shall continue except as otherwise provided by §§ 46.2-421 and 46.2-423 until the person satisfies the judgment or judgments as prescribed in § 46.2-419 and gives proof of his financial responsibility in the future. However, the judgment debtor whose driving privileges, registration certificates, and license plates have been so suspended may petition the court that entered the judgment for reinstatement of his driving privileges, registration certificates, and license plates and the court may order reinstatement if the judgment has not been satisfied, provided the judgment debtor proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the judgment debtor (i) is unable, after examination of the records of the Department and the court reflecting that suspension and the exercise of due diligence, to locate the person to whom payment is due or, if the person to whom payment is due is dead, the judgment debtor is unable to identify either who are his heirs and assignees, or where they are located, and (ii) has paid into the court an amount equal to the judgment, court costs, and all interest that has accrued up to the date payment was made to the court. Any payment made to the court under this section shall be held for one year and, if unclaimed by the judgment creditor during that period, shall be transmitted by the court to the State Treasurer or his designee to be disposed of pursuant to Chapter 11.1 (§ 55-210.1 et seq.) of Title 55.Upon receipt of such an order, the Commissioner shall reinstate the driving privileges, registration certificates, and license plates of the judgment debtor, provided the judgment debtor has given proof of his financial responsibility in the future and satisfied all other reinstatement requirements as provided in this chapter.The motor vehicle involved in the accident on which the suspension under § 46.2-417 is based shall not be registered in the name of any other person when the Commissioner has reasonable grounds to believe that the registration of the vehicle will have the effect of defeating the purpose of the chapter and no other motor vehicle shall be registered, and no driver’s license or learner’s permit shall be issued in the name of the person suspended, except as prescribed in § 46.2-437 until the suspension is terminated.This section shall not relieve any person from giving or maintaining proof of his financial responsibility when he is required so to do for some reason rather than having been involved in a motor vehicle accident.


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