§ 46.2-487

Statutes and ordinances deemed to cover offenses specified in subdivision (a) of Article IV of compact

For the purposes of complying with subdivisions (a) and (c) of Article IV of the compact, the following sections of the Code of Virginia and county, city, or town ordinances substantially paralleling such sections shall be deemed to cover the offenses of subdivision (a) of Article IV: With respect to subdivision (2), §§ 18.2-266 and 46.2-341.24 A; with respect to subdivision (4), §§ 46.2-894 through 46.2-899 subject to the limitation that the accident resulted in the death or personal injury of another; with respect to subdivisions (1) and (3), the Department shall determine which offenses are covered in the same manner as under § 46.2-389.


1968, c. 166, § 46.1-167.12; 1989, c. 727; 1994, c. 255.


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