§ 46.2-651

Trip permits; regulations; fees

A. The Department may, on application on forms provided by the Department, issue a trip permit to any owner of a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer which would otherwise be subject to registration plates but is not currently registered. If the vehicle operating under the permit is a vehicle designed as a property-carrying vehicle, it shall be unladen at the time of operation under the permit. The permit shall be valid for three days and shall show the registration or permit number, the date of issue, the date of expiration, the make of vehicle, the vehicle identification number, the beginning point and the point of destination. The fee for the permit shall be five dollars.

B. For vehicles to be purchased by a Virginia resident and registered in Virginia, the Department shall issue to the prospective purchaser, upon his application therefor, trip permits as provided in subsection A of this section, except that permits issued under this subsection shall not be valid unless and until the prospective purchaser receives an original bill of sale pertaining to the vehicle purchased. Permits issued under this subsection shall be valid for three days, beginning on the date of the original bill of sale, and shall be kept with the original bill of sale in the purchased vehicle at all times during the trip until the vehicle is properly registered with the Department. The Commissioner may charge a reasonable fee, adequate to recover the Department’s costs, for the issuance of permits under this subsection, and may promulgate such regulations as he deems necessary or convenient in carrying out the provisions of this subsection.


1974, c. 215, § 46.1-42.1; 1976, c. 59; 1989, c. 727; 2000, c. 144; 2001, c. 192.


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