§ 46.2-653Temporary registration or permit for transportation of manufactured homes exceeding the size permitted by law.

The Commissioner may grant a temporary registration or permit for the transportation of manufactured homes, which exceed the size permitted by law, on the highways in the Commonwealth from one point to another within the Commonwealth, or from the Commonwealth to a point or points outside the Commonwealth, or from outside the Commonwealth to a point or points within the Commonwealth. Such temporary registration or permit shall show the registration or permit number, the date of issue, the date of expiration, and the route to be traveled or other restrictions and shall be displayed in a prominent place on the vehicle. The owner of every manufactured home of this sort purchased in the Commonwealth for use within the Commonwealth or brought into the Commonwealth for use within the Commonwealth shall apply within 30 days to the Department for title in the name of the owner. This requirement shall not apply to inventory held by licensed Virginia dealers for the purpose of resale. After a manufactured home has been titled in the Commonwealth and at such time as the wheels and other equipment previously used for mobility have been removed and the unit has been attached to the realty, then the manufactured home shall, for purposes of this section, be deemed to be real estate and Virginia title issued for the unit may be returned to the Department for cancellation and the unit shall thereafter be transferred only as real estate is transferred. The validity of any security interest perfected pursuant to §§ 46.2-636 through 46.2-641 shall continue, notwithstanding the provisions of this section.

The Commissioner shall have prepared a list of all titles cancelled pursuant to this section and furnish it, in conjunction with the reports submitted pursuant to § 46.2-210, to the commissioner of the revenue of each county and city without cost. The Commissioner shall not make such list available to the public nor shall any commissioner of the revenue make such list available to any third party.

The authorities in cities and towns regulating the movement of traffic may prescribe the route or routes over which these manufactured homes may be transported, and no manufactured home of this sort shall be transported through any city or town except along a prescribed route or routes.

For each temporary single-trip registration or permit issued hereunder, the applicant shall pay a fee of one dollar, in addition to any administrative fee required by the Department. In lieu of a single-trip permit, an annual multi-trip permit may be issued for a fee of $40, in addition to any administrative fee required by the Department.

No permit, as provided in this section, shall be issued covering any manufactured home that is subject to a license plate.


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