§ 46.2-678

Forklift trucks

A. No person shall be required to obtain the registration certificate, license plates, or decals for or pay a registration fee for any forklift truck provided it is:

1. Operated by a person holding a valid Virginia driver’s license;

2. Operated along or across highways only in traveling from one plant, factory, or job site to another by the most direct route;

3. Not carrying or transporting any object or person, other than the driver;

4. Displaying a slow-moving vehicle emblem in conformity with § 46.2-1081;

5. In compliance with requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration;

6. Not operated on or along any limited access highway; and

7. Not operated for a distance of more than ten miles.

B. For the purposes of this section, “forklift truck” means a self-propelled machine used for hoisting and transporting heavy objects by means of steel fingers inserted under the load.


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