§ 46.2-695

Small rented ridesharing vehicles

The fees required by subdivisions A 8 and A 9 of § 46.2-694 to be paid for registration of motor vehicles used for rent or hire shall not be required for the operation of any motor vehicle with a normal seating capacity of not more than fifteen adults including the driver while used (i) not for profit in transporting persons in a ridesharing arrangement, as defined in § 46.2-1400, or (ii) by a lessee renting or hiring such vehicle for such purpose for a period of twelve months or longer under a written lease or agreement. For the purposes of § 46.2-694, the fee for the annual registration card and license plates for such vehicle shall be the same as for a private passenger car of the same weight.


Code 1950, § 46-158; 1952, c. 415; 1958, c. 541, § 46.1-150; 1964, c. 218; 1966, c. 608; 1976, c. 60; 1989, c. 727; 2002, c. 337.


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