§ 46.2-709

Requiring other proof of financial responsibility; suspended driver’s license, registration certificate and license plates to be returned to Commissioner; Commissioner may take possession thereof

Whenever any proof of financial responsibility filed by any person as required by this article no longer fulfills the purpose for which required, the Commissioner shall require other proof of financial responsibility as required by this article and shall suspend such person’s driver’s license, registration certificates, and license plates and decals pending the furnishing of proof as required.Any person whose driver’s license or registration certificates, or license plates and decals have been suspended as provided in this article and have not been reinstated shall immediately return every such license, registration certificate, and set of license plates and decals held by him to the Commissioner. Any person failing to comply with this requirement shall be guilty of a traffic infraction and upon conviction thereof shall be punished as provided in § 46.2-113.The Commissioner is authorized to take possession of any license, registration certificate, or set of license plates and decals on their suspension under the provisions of this chapter or to direct any police officer to take possession of and return them to the office of the Commissioner.


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