§ 46.2-732

Special license plates and decals for the deaf; fees

On receipt of an application, the Commissioner shall issue appropriately designed license plates to deaf persons. For purposes of this section, a deaf person shall be defined as a person who cannot hear and understand normal speech. The fee for these license plates shall be as provided in § 46.2-694.The Commissioner shall also issue to any deaf person a removable decal, to be used on any passenger car, pickup or panel truck operated by such person. The decals shall be of a design determined by the Commissioner and shall be displayed in a manner determined by the Superintendent of State Police. A reasonable fee to be determined by the Commissioner shall be charged each person issued a decal under this section, but no fee shall be charged any person exempted from fees by § 46.2-739.It shall be unlawful for any person who is not a person described in this section to willfully and falsely represent himself as having the qualifications to obtain the special plates or decal.The provisions of subdivisions 1 and 2 of subsection B of § 46.2-725 shall not apply to license plates issued under this section.


1979, c. 74, § 46.1-104.2; 1989, c. 727; 1995, c. 747.


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