§ 46.2-736.2

Special license plates for certain elected or appointed officials

The Commissioner, on application, shall issue to honorary consuls, upon receipt of written evidence from the United States Department of State that the applicant is an honorary consul on active status, and members of county boards of supervisors, city councils, town councils, state commissions and boards and to other state officials appointed by the Governor special license plates bearing decals or stickers bearing the legend “HONORARY CONSUL” or identifying the commission, board, or office to which the applicant has been elected or appointed.For the purposes of subdivision B 2 of § 46.2-725, the total number of active plates issued under this section shall be used to determine whether the plates authorized under this section shall continue to be issued.


1995, c. 747; 1996, c. 1026; 2003, c. 921; 2004, c. 747.


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