§ 46.2-745

Special license plates for persons awarded the Medal of Honor; fees

On receipt of an application and written confirmation from one of the armed services that the applicant has been awarded the Medal of Honor, the Commissioner shall issue special license plates to such persons and to unremarried surviving spouses of such persons. No fee shall be charged for the issuance of these license plates.It shall be unlawful for any person who is not a person described in this section to willfully and falsely represent himself as having the qualifications to obtain the special license plates herein provided for.The provisions of subdivisions 1 and 2 of subsection B of § 46.2-725 shall not apply to license plates issued under this section.The design of license plates issued under this section to persons who have been awarded multiple decorations shall reflect the number of such decorations.Unremarried surviving spouses of persons eligible to receive special license plates under this section may also be issued special license plates under this section.


1980, c. 55, § 46.1-105.8; 1989, c. 727; 1995, c. 747; 2004, c. 747.


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