§ 46.2-749.2:1

Special license plates for supporters of certain children’s programs; fees

On receipt of an application and payment of the fee prescribed by this section, the Commissioner shall issue special license plates bearing, at the applicant’s option, either (i) a heart, (ii) a five-pointed star, (iii) a child’s handprint, or (iv) another design or device approved by the Commissioner.The annual fee for plates issued pursuant to this section shall be twenty-five dollars plus the prescribed fee for state license plates. For each such twenty-five-dollar fee collected in excess of 1,000 registrations pursuant to this section, fifteen dollars shall be paid into the state treasury and credited to the special fund known as the Children’s Programs Support Fund for use as follows: one-half shall be paid into the Family and Children’s Trust Fund and one-half shall be paid to the Department of Health for use by the Safe Kids Coalition.


1994, c. 914; 1995, c. 747; 1996, c. 922.


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