§ 46.2-752.1

One-time, one-month registration extension to allow for satisfaction of requirements of counties, cities, and towns

A. On request of an applicant, the Commissioner may grant a one-month extension of the registration period of a vehicle if the vehicle registration has been withheld pursuant to § 46.2-752 and the current registration period will expire within the calendar month. No extension may be granted for an expired vehicle registration and only one extension may be granted for any one vehicle registration period.For each extension granted, the Commissioner shall collect (i) a $ 10 administrative fee and (ii) a fee sufficient for a one-month registration period for the vehicle, as calculated under subsection B of § 46.2-694. Neither fee shall apply, however, if the applicant has been granted an extension under § 46.2-1183.1 with respect to the same registration period and has paid the fees pursuant to that section.On receipt of such fees, the Commissioner shall issue a registration card and, if applicable, decals indicating the month of expiration of the vehicle registration. Upon satisfaction of the requirements of § 46.2-752, the applicant may elect to renew the vehicle registration. For such renewal, the Commissioner shall collect the appropriate registration renewal fee and issue a registration card and, if applicable, decals. The renewal shall take effect the first day succeeding the month in which the registration extension expires. When offered by the Commissioner, the applicant may elect to renew the vehicle registration for multiple years, pursuant to § 46.2-646.

B. All administrative fees imposed and collected by the Commissioner under this section shall be paid into the state treasury and set aside as a special fund to be used to meet the expenses of the Department.


2012, cc. 215, 222; 2013, cc. 673, 789.


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