§ 46.2-805

Lane-use control signals

A. When lane-use control signals are placed over the individual lanes of a highway, vehicular traffic may travel in any lane over which a green signal is shown, but shall not enter or travel in any lane over which a red signal is shown and shall vacate as soon as possible any lane over which an amber signal is shown.

B. Vehicular traffic shall not enter or travel in a lane over which a one-way or two-way left turn white arrow lane-use control signal is shown, except to make the turning movement indicated by the signal. Such turning traffic shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within a crosswalk and to other traffic using the intersection.


1974, c. 347, § 46.1-206.1; 1989, c. 727; 2013, cc. 128, 400.


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