§ 46.2-939

Authority of law-enforcement officers to issue subpoenas

Local law-enforcement officers and state police officers, in the course of their duties in the investigation of any accident involving a motor vehicle or vehicles, may, at the scene of any such accident, issue a subpoena to any witness to appear in court and testify with respect to any criminal charge brought against any person as a result of such accident. State police officers, additionally, may issue such subpoenas at any other location within seventy-two hours of the time of such accident, with the return of service thereof made to the appropriate court clerk within forty-eight hours after such service. A subpoena so issued shall have the same force and effect as if issued by the court.Any person failing to appear in response to a subpoena issued as provided in this section shall be punished as provided by law.


1975, c. 138, § 46.1-178.2; 1986, c. 40; 1989, c. 727.


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