Obtaining Licenses, Generally

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Obtaining Licenses, Generally.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Titling, Registration And Licensure.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Licensure Of Drivers.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 46.2-323
Application for driver's license; proof of completion of driver education program; penalty
§ 46.2-323.01
Issuance of documents; relationship with federal law
§ 46.2-323.1
Certification of Virginia residency; nonresidents not to be issued driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, learner's permits, or special identification card; penalty
§ 46.2-324
Applicants and license holders to notify Department of change of address; fee
§ 46.2-324.1
Requirements for initial licensure of certain applicants
§ 46.2-325
Examination of applicants; waiver of Department's examination under certain circumstances; behind-the-wheel and knowledge examinations
§ 46.2-326
Designation of examiners; conduct of examination; reports
§ 46.2-327
Copies of applications; record of licenses and learner's permits issued, suspended, or revoked
§ 46.2-328
Department to issue licenses; endorsements, classifications, and restrictions authorizing operation of certain vehicles
§ 46.2-328.1
Licenses, permits and special identification cards to be issued only to United States citizens, legal permanent resident aliens, or holders of valid unexpired nonimmigrant visas; exceptions; renewal, duplication, or reissuance
§ 46.2-329
Special restrictions on particular licensees
§ 46.2-330
Expiration and renewal of licenses; examinations required
§ 46.2-331
§ 46.2-332
§ 46.2-333
Disposition of fees; expenses
§ 46.2-333.1
Surcharges on certain fees of Department; disposition of proceeds