Maximum Vehicle Weights

This is Article 17 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Maximum Vehicle Weights.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Operation.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Motor Vehicle And Equipment Safety.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 46.2-1122
§ 46.2-1123
Weight of vehicles and loads
§ 46.2-1124
Maximum single axle weight, generally; maximum weight per inch of tire width
§ 46.2-1125
Maximum tandem axle weight, generally
§ 46.2-1127
Weight limits for vehicles using interstate highways
§ 46.2-1128
Extensions of weight limits; fees
§ 46.2-1129
Further extensions of weight limits for certain vehicles hauling Virginia-grown farm or forest products
§ 46.2-1129.1
Further extension of weight limits for certain vehicles utilizing an auxiliary power unit or other idle reduction technology
§ 46.2-1129.2
Further extension of weight limits for vehicles fueled by natural gas
§ 46.2-1130
Crossing bridge or culvert by vehicle heavier than allowed; where weight signs to be erected
§ 46.2-1130.1
Overweight permits granted to cross bridges and culverts by certain emergency response vehicles responding to an emergency call
§ 46.2-1131
Penalty for violation of weight limits
§ 46.2-1132
Service of process in weight violation cases
§ 46.2-1133
Special processing provisions for overweight violations
§ 46.2-1134
Special overweight seizure provisions; penalty
§ 46.2-1136
Procedures for issuing and serving process in overweight vehicle cases
§ 46.2-1137
Weighing vehicles; procedure; shifting loads; unloading excess load; weighing fee; certificate as to accuracy of scales admissible in evidence; penalties
§ 46.2-1138
County ordinances fixing weight limits on roads which have been withdrawn from secondary system [Not set out.]
§ 46.2-1138.1
City ordinances fixing weight limits on certain roads
§ 46.2-1138.2
Town ordinances concerning weight limits on certain roads