This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Right-of-way.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Operation.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Regulation Of Traffic.” It’s comprised of the following 12 sections.

§ 46.2-820
Right-of-way at uncontrolled intersections, generally
§ 46.2-821
Vehicles before entering certain highways shall stop or yield right-of-way
§ 46.2-822
Right-of-way at circular intersections
§ 46.2-823
Unlawful speed forfeits right-of-way
§ 46.2-824
Right-of-way at uncontrolled "T" intersections
§ 46.2-825
Left turn traffic to yield right-of-way
§ 46.2-826
Stop before entering public highway or sidewalk from private road, etc.; yielding right-of-way
§ 46.2-827
Right-of-way of United States forces, troops, National Guard, etc
§ 46.2-828
Right-of-way for funeral processions under police or sheriff's escort; improper joining of, passing through, or interfering with processions prohibited; use of high beam headlights and hazard lights by vehicles traveling in funeral processions
§ 46.2-828.1
Impeding or disrupting certain funeral processions; penalty
§ 46.2-828.2
Impeding or disrupting vehicles operating under a valid highway hauling permit
§ 46.2-829
Approach of law-enforcement or fire-fighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, or ambulances; violation as failure to yield right-of-way