This is Article 8 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Speed.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Operation.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Regulation Of Traffic.” It’s comprised of the following 19 sections.

§ 46.2-870
Maximum speed limits generally
§ 46.2-871
Maximum speed limit for school buses
§ 46.2-872
Maximum speed limits for vehicles operating under special permits
§ 46.2-873
Maximum speed limits at school crossings; penalty
§ 46.2-873.1
Maximum speed limit on nonsurface-treated highways
§ 46.2-873.2
Maximum speed limit on rural rustic roads
§ 46.2-874
Maximum speed limit in business and residence districts
§ 46.2-874.1
Exceptions to maximum speed limits in residence districts; penalty
§ 46.2-875
Maximum speed limit on certain other highways in cities and towns
§ 46.2-876
Maximum speed limit for passenger vehicles towing certain trailers
§ 46.2-877
Minimum speed limits
§ 46.2-878
Authority to change speed limits
§ 46.2-878.1
Maximum speed limits in highway work zones; penalty
§ 46.2-878.2
Maximum speed limits in certain residence districts of counties, cities, and towns; penalty
§ 46.2-878.3
Prepayment of fines for violations of speed limits
§ 46.2-879
No conviction for speeding in certain areas unless markers installed
§ 46.2-881
Special speed limitation on bridges, tunnels and interstates
§ 46.2-882
Determining speed with various devices; certificate as to accuracy of device; arrest without warrant
§ 46.2-883
Signs indicating legal rate of speed and measurement of speed by radar