§ 5.1-113

Duration of certificates, etc.; suspension, revocation, or amendment; penalties

Certificates, permits and licenses issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be effective from the dates specified therein and shall remain in effect until terminated as herein provided. The Commission may at any time, by its order duly entered after hearing held after notice to the holder of any such certificate, permit or license and an opportunity to such holder to be heard at which it shall be proved that such holder has willfully made any misrepresentation of a material fact in obtaining such certificate, permit or license, or has willfully violated or refused to observe the laws of this Commonwealth touching such certificate, permit or license, or any of the terms of his certificate, permit or license, or any of the Commission’s proper orders, rules or regulations, impose a penalty not exceeding $ 1,000, which may be collected by the process of the Commission as provided by law; or the Commission may suspend, revoke, alter or amend any such certificate, permit or license for any of the causes set forth above. But no such certificate, permit or license shall be revoked, altered or amended (except upon application of the holder thereof) unless the holder thereof shall willfully fail to comply, within a reasonable time to be fixed by the Commission, with the lawful order of the Commission or with the lawful rule or regulation of the Commission, or with the term, condition or limitation of such certificate, permit or license, found by the Commission to have been violated by such holder.Proceedings for the imposition of any penalty provided for in this section may be commenced upon the complaint of any person or upon the Commission’s own initiative.From any order of the Commission suspending, revoking, altering or amending any certificate, permit or license, the holder thereof shall have the right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia, as a matter of right, as in other cases of appeals from the Commission.


Code 1950, § 56-167; 1970, c. 708.


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