§ 5.1-117

Bonds or insurance to be kept in force

Each holder of a certificate or permit issued by the Commission shall also keep in force at all times insurance or a bond underwritten by an insurer approved or authorized to do business in Virginia, or by one who is eligible as a surplus lines insurer in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 48 (§ 38.2-4800 et seq.) of Title 38.2 in amounts of not less than the following minimum limits: (a) liability for bodily injury to or death to any one person, passenger or other, aboard the aircraft, $ 75,000; and a limit for each occurrence in any one aircraft of at least an amount equal to the sum produced by multiplying $ 75,000 by seventy-five percent of the total number of passenger seats installed in the aircraft; and for the loss or damage to cargo owned by other than the insured, at least $ 10,000 for each occurrence; provided, however, that a holder of a permit issued by the Commission shall not be required to file any cargo insurance, bond or bonds for cargo liability for the hauling of property transported under contract. However, in no event shall the limits required herein for air common carriers be less than those prescribed for like carriers by the Civil Aeronautics Board or the Federal Aviation Administration.


Code 1950, § 56-171; 1970, c. 708.


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