§ 5.1-142

Reports, records, etc

(a. The Commission is hereby authorized to require annual, periodic, or special reports from all air carriers except such as are exempted from the operation of the provisions of this chapter, to prescribe the manner and form in which such reports shall be made, and to require from such carriers specific answers to all questions upon which the Commission may deem information to be necessary. Such reports shall be under oath whenever the Commission so requires. The Commission may also require any air carrier to file with it a true copy of any contract, agreement, or arrangement between such carrier and any other carrier or person in relation to any traffic affected by the provisions of this chapter.

(b. The Commission may, in its discretion, prescribe the forms of any and all accounts, records, and memoranda to be kept by air carriers and the length of time such accounts, records and memoranda shall be preserved, including the accounts, records, and memoranda of the movement of traffic, as well as of the receipts and expenditures of money. The Commission or its employees shall at all times have access to all lands, buildings, and equipment of air carriers used in connection with their operation and also all accounts, records, and memoranda, including all documents, papers, and correspondence now existing, and kept, or required to be kept, by air carriers. The Commission and its employees shall have authority to inspect and examine any and all such lands, buildings, equipment, accounts, records, and memoranda, including all documents, papers, and correspondence now or hereafter existing and kept or required to be kept by such carriers. This provision shall apply to receivers of carriers and to operating trustees and, to the extent deemed necessary by the Commission, to persons having control, direct or indirect, over or affiliated with any air carrier.

(c. As used in this section the term “air carriers” includes brokers.


Code 1950, § 56-197; 1970, c. 708.


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