§ 5.1-2.5

Eminent domain; right of entry

The Board is hereby vested with the power of eminent domain and may exercise the same for the purposes set forth in subdivision 3 of § 5.1-2.2:1 in the manner set forth in Chapter 2 (§ 25.1-200 et seq.) of Title 25.1 and to the extent permitted to railroads by § 56-347; provided, however, such power of eminent domain shall not extend to the taking of any radio or television towers or installation in existence on June 27, 1958. If the owner, lessee or occupier of any property to be condemned or otherwise acquired shall refuse to remove his property therefrom or give up possession thereof, the Board may proceed to obtain possession in any manner provided by law. The authorized agents and employees may enter upon any lands, waters, and premises in the Commonwealth for the purpose of making surveys, soundings, drillings, and examinations as they may deem necessary or convenient for the purposes of this chapter, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass, nor shall an entry for such purpose be deemed an entry under any condemnation proceedings that may be then pending. The Board shall make reimbursement for any actual damage resulting to such lands, waters, and premises as a result of such activities.


1980, c. 750; 2003, c. 940.


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