§ 5.1-34

Acquisition of property; exercise of right of eminent domain

Private property needed by any city, incorporated town or county for an airport or landing field shall be acquired by purchase, if the city, town or county is able to agree with the owners on the terms thereof. The cities, incorporated towns or counties are hereby granted full power to exercise the right of eminent domain in the acquisition of any lands, easements and privileges that are necessary for airport and landing field purposes. Proceedings for the acquisition of such lands, easements and privileges by condemnation may be instituted and conducted in the name of such county, city or town, and the procedure shall be mutatis mutandis the same as in the acquisition of land by condemnation proceedings instituted by railroads and may acquire in like manner, for a term of years or perpetually, the right of easement to remove and control the growth of any tree or vegetation standing or growing in said land outside the boundaries of any airport or landing field and the right of easement to place and maintain suitable signs or markers or lights to adequately locate and mark objects or structures that are hazardous to aircraft using such airports or landing fields, of ingress and egress to and from such airport hazards for the purpose of maintaining and repairing such signs, markers and lights and cutting of trees or other growing vegetation penetrating the approach and departure slope easement. The right of condemnation granted herein shall be subject to the same provisions as are provided in § 25.1-102 concerning the condemnation of property belonging to a corporation possessing the power of eminent domain by another public service corporation.


Code 1950, §§ 5-23, 5-31; 1966, c. 576; 2003, c. 940.


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