§ 5.1-39

Use, disposal and termination of rights acquired

No easements, rights or privileges acquired under the terms of this article by any county, city or town shall be employed or disposed of except to accomplish the purposes for which they were originally acquired; except that when such easements, rights, or privileges have been transferred to the Virginia Aviation Board, they may be held, used, and disposed of in accordance with §§ 5.1-2.2 and 5.1-2.2:1. Upon the abandonment of any airport or landing field acquired pursuant to this article all easements, rights and privileges which shall have been so acquired over or with respect to adjacent lands shall thereupon terminate and revert back to the person from whom the easement, right or privilege was obtained or his successor in interest.


Code 1950, § 5-28; 1966, c. 576; 1980, c. 721.


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